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Artist: のりた

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because friendship is magic!


inigo can’t hide behind his mom because her outfit is too see through



This animation is amazing, that i’d had to show it to you guy, and because i’m a trash addict.

From this amazing artist on Pixiv エッ@HG 

i didn’t do anything besides posting it.


7 deadly sins

6/7 - Laito Sakamaki


7 deadly sins

4/7 - Ayato Sakamaki


sure first days of altair’s grandmastering were harsh


is there ever a time when you’re in a fluffy RP and you just have this sudden urge to pull out aNGST LIKE OUT OF NOWHERE IT HAPPENS AND IT’S DEVASTATING AND IT’S HEART-WRENCHING AND IT MAKES YOUR RP PARTNER CRY AND THEN YOU BECOME SATAN????? 


day one: favorite sakamaki

i actually initially found laito to be very annoying and creepy and wanted to punch him in his twinky face every time he called yui by “bitch-chan” because i thought that was very rude like seriously. but then… but then… something changed inside of me. gazes at my hands. suddenly, when i caught glimpses of his backstory and then saw how his behaviors were shaped by things that happened to him before, i was like “oh man this character got so much depth” and was forever touched and in awe. i definitely think i would eyeroll at laito if he were just “weird because he’s weird”, but because of all of his fleshed out character mechanics, i’m literally obsessed with him. laito is actually just my straight up favorite character out of dialovers…. holla………. also he is endearing?? somehow… i like how excitable and doting he can be. i also like when he says “toh” and when he gets all do-m lewd like a doggy that needs to pee.